Our strategic goals

  • to improve outcomes for all students
  • to continue to develop our skills in the classroom to meet the needs of our learners.

  • to implement the changes to NCEA, and complete the review of NCEA level one
  • to implement the New Zealand Curriculum (curriculum refresh) 
  • to develop and implement our learning habits in years 7-10 
  • to ensure that each learning area has a focus on our local curriculum.

  • to ensure that our vision and values are made explicit in all contexts at the college 
  • to develop a leadership programme for students (years 7-13) 
  • to implement an educational leadership programme for our middle leaders 
  • to ensure that the college celebrates the success of students and staff 
  • to effectively communicate with the community and utilise the expertise in the community 
  • to find/develop a model for sustainable practices at the college.
Our vision
We strive to be an inclusive and sustainable learning environment, inspiring our learning community to be creative, curious, courageous and compassionate.

Our values


We create strong relationships that foster a unique sense of belonging and support for each other.


We respect each other and our environment. We act with integrity and are proud of ourselves and our school.


We understand and accept each other, and our behaviour reflects this. Our diversity is our strength.


We act with empathy, compassion and kindness.


We grow resilience through our determination and commitment to do our very best.


We strive to live sustainably by protecting our unique environment.