To be eligible to travel on a school bus, students in Years 9 to 13 must live at least 4.8km from school by the shortest road route. For students in Years 7 and 8, the distance is 3.2km. 

To check the distance from your home to the college you can access google maps and enter your physical address as the location. Then select ‘Directions’ and enter 101 Plantation Road (college address) as the starting point. If you qualify, check the bus routes below to identify the closest stop to your home. Please enter the bus route on your online enrolment form or contact the school office via email to be added to the school bus list.

Routes and timetables

School transport conveyance allowance

If you live more than 2.4 kms away from the bus stop, you are eligible to apply for a school transport conveyance allowance (paid for each child in the family) to assist with the cost of dropping your child at the bus stop. To apply for the allowance, please complete the School Transport conveyance allowance application form.