At MAC, we recognise that every student has unique needs and learning styles. Our learning approach focuses on differentiated teaching and learning so every student can fulfil their potential and achieve success, whatever that looks like for them.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee works to increase the amount of extracurricular academic activities throughout the school. It runs interhouse- and academic-based events as well as displaying leadership around the school.

Our members

Will Collins

Millie Cranfield

Tayla Doran

Georgie Gillespie

Layton Osnabrugge

Emma Palmer

Benji Pujol

Benjamin Silipo

Hayden Watson

Emily Hayes

Support teacher: Gareth Hodges

Our focus

  • come up with new and creative ways of promoting Academia around the school
  • display leadership and be good role models to our fellow students
  • excel in running events and make sure they function smoothly
  • set up tutoring for Years 7 and 8 students to help them in their academic-based subjects
  • encourage students to have fun at MAC.

Our achievements

  • delivering the Tuakana Teina Programme (which puts Year 12 and 13 students in Year 7 classrooms to mentor them).
  • running activities for the Year 7 students on their first day of school.