The Academic Committee works to increase the number of extracurricular academic activities throughout the school. It runs interhouse- and academic-based events as well as displaying leadership around the school.

Josh Moody
Tane Haines
Tai Treadwell-Burke
Douglas Wise
Dan McKean
Ben McMurray
Annie Wells
Lucy Liddell
Lottie Hunt
Grace Neal

Isaac Lam
Ben Bankshaw
Ayilo Emasu
Kaitlyn Tooley
Josh Gilmour
Zara Jennings

Support teachers: Caitlin Harvey and Emily Richardson

  • ensuring MAC students are supported by their peers and can engage in a range of academic activities
  • delivering the Tuakana Teina Programme (which puts Year 12 and 13 students in Year 7 classrooms to mentor them).
  • Mathletics
  • House debating
  • tutoring
  • advice for juniors about NCEA