We encourage our students to develop their leadership skills through engagement in all aspects of life at our school. We see leadership as a right and responsibility that all our students share and believe that every student should have the opportunity to lead, whatever that looks like for them. Through a range of academic, sporting, cultural and service-oriented activities, our students have an opportunity to discover more about themselves and their capacity to lead. 

Student-led committees

Each year, four students are selected to be our head students and together with the committee captains they form our student executive. Our six student-led committees provide leadership in the following areas: academic, arts and culture, service, sport and wellbeing. These committees provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership capabilities and demonstrate what our values look like in practice. Each committee is mentored and supported by a member of our teaching team.

Student-led advocacy

We actively encourage our students to exercise their leadership through their advocacy of important issues such as bullying and environmental sustainability. Our Sticks ‘n Stones Advocate group is a student-led anti-bullying group supported by the Sticks ‘n Stones bullying prevention programme that supports students to grow their emotional- and self-awareness so they can stand up for themselves and for others. Our student-led environmental advocacy group, Team Green, designs and leads sustainability projects in our school and community, giving students an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership through projects that reflect their passion for the environment.

Our head students for 2023

Our head students for 2023 are Thomas Benson, Jackson Duguid, Jessie Winter and India Yule. Thomas, Jackson, Jessie and India want to get as many students as possible engaged in the opportunities on offer at MAC so please get in touch with them to find out how you can get involved.