Our four houses pay homage to our school’s location with each house named after a nearby mountain. Every MAC student is a member of one of our four houses – Barker, Iron, Pisa and Roy – giving them a sense of belonging as they represent their house in sporting and cultural activities. Each of the houses is assigned a colour (which students can wear on certain mufti days) as follows: Barker (green), Iron (red), Pisa (yellow) and Roy (blue). Where we are aware of familial connections, new students are placed in the same house (but not the same whānau) as their siblings and cousins. Students with no previous affiliation are allocated to a house and its whānau to ensure a balanced mix of students within both the house and the whānau.

The role of deans

Our deans encourage our students to live by our school’s values and support students in developing the personal and life skills they will need to be successful contributors to our community when they leave school. There is a junior and senior dean for each of the four houses, with the junior deans being responsible for students in Years 7 to 10 and the senior deans for students in Years 11 to 13. The deans form strong relationships with students in their houses and act as advocates for students, responsible for supporting students’ wellbeing and achievement.