We understand that a young person’s wellbeing affects their engagement with learning and their social and emotional behaviour. When young people feel valued and supported, they are able to feel confident in who they are, engage with their learning, and feel optimistic about the future.

Wellbeing Committee

Our purpose is to create a sense of belonging for every student at our school. We want the school environment to be a place where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves.  Our committee is made up of students who enjoy planning events, running activities and getting involved in the community and school life and want to make a positive difference.

Our members

Milly Lewis

Haylee Jermyn

Sophia Hay

Lucy Laker

Coco Smith

Jorja Liddell

Oscar Waddington

Daisy Sanders

Lily Ashe

Holly James

Support teachers: Emma Smith and Gemma Thompson

Our focus

  • supporting MAC students to look after themselves and each other and to maintain a balanced approach to life

Our achievements

  • Valentine’s Day event 
  • Pink Shirt Day
  • Gumboot Friday
  • random acts of kindness
  • activities based around Te Whare Tapa Wha structure