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Sports Committee

Sports Committee

This year's committee consist of Ryan Schmack (Chair), Meg Breen, Angus Cagney, Piper Cavanagh, Pip Crowley, Brianna Curtis, Abby East, Jack Findlay, Michael Gealogo, Lukas Schafer, Tessa Treadwell-Burke and Campbell Wright.

Last year's committee (pictured) had this to say.

2019 has been another great year for the MAC Sports Committee. Our team has consisted of Fletcher Cavanagh, Meg Harraway, Madi Gainsford, Maggie Stiven, Jordan Fox, Fiona Murray, Tait Scurr, Ryan Schmack, Michael Geologo, Jack Findlay, Fergus Read, Campbell Wright and myself. Our objectives for this year were to offer many opportunities to students, be constantly involved in sports at MAC and to encourage participation from a wide range of students. This year, the Sports Committee has assisted in organising Athletics Day and Swimming Sports, however, our main events were the Quad Tournament and the exchanges with Kavanagh College and Wakatipu High School.

Each member of the Sports Committee specialises in a different area of sport and this ensures that everyone brings unique ideas to the committee. We tried our best to help run the events smoothly whilst maintaining a high level of encouragement and establishing a fun atmosphere in which everyone feels able to participate.

The Wakatipu Exchange was very competitive and everyone involved had a really good time. It was wonderful to see that our students played with great sportsmanship and maintained an enthusiastic approach throughout the whole day. The Kavanagh Exchange was a lot of fun this year, especially as it was held at Mount Aspiring College. This gave the whole school an opportunity to support and encourage our young athletes. As seniors, it was very rewarding and enjoyable to be able to coach and referee the Year 7 and 8 teams. The young MAC students show enormous potential for sports in the future and we look forward to watching them develop.

The committee also organised and participated in social sports activities. A focus for us this year was to incorporate ourselves with the junior students more. We ran lunch time activities for them which gave us the chance to bond with students and ensure they were having fun. To end the year on a good note, we aim to have a competition between staff and committees. Here we will find out who will take out the title and secure the bragging rites for the next school year. We expect to see some friendly rivalry between staff and student leaders.

Overall, the Sports Committee has had a very enjoyable year creating new friendships and challenging ourselves to step outside of our own comfort zones. We would like to acknowledge Mr Crosbie, Chrissi Pettit and Jacky Toepfer for supporting us; the committee wouldn't have been as successful without your help.

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