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Sports Committee

Sports Committee

Last year's committee members were Gregor Findlay, Sam Pearce, Meg Harraway, Fletch Cavanagh, Mel Telford, Kate Richards, Holly Wigg, Erica Ayres.

The Sports Committee focuses on making the most of sport at Mount Aspiring College. Our goal is to involve students in a wide range of activities and acknowledge sporting achievements. We are lucky as a school to have an amazing culture and great opportunities handed to us involving sport. As a committee we organise events such as athletics day and the Kavanagh sporting exchange, we ensure that every event is well organised and fun for anyone who is involved. We have had a great year fulfilled with achieving our goal of encouraging Mount Aspiring students to get involved and enjoy sport.

We helped organise many different events, working with a range of age groups. One of the main activities we were most involved with was Quad and we were positioned to be the hosts this year for such a great sporting event. We had the opportunity to help select an A and B team for each year level to compete in the fun, competitive sport based days as well as getting to choose which sports would be played. We made a great effort to welcome and support the different schools and compete against them. Everyone was very enthusiastic, encouraging and overall had great sportsmanship, making it a really enjoyable tournament.

Our two main whole school events are swim sports and athletics. The Sports Committee help coordinate these events every year as both days are really good opportunities to go out and have fun with your friends, while trying to improve your skills. Luckily, here at MAC we have students who always embrace days like these, which is always pleasing to see. We have also started running lunchtime activities, social volleyball for Years 9-13 on Wednesdays and sports games for Years 7 and 8 on Fridays. By having these lunchtime activities, we are hoping to entertain and encourage people to experience new sports and work with different people in a team environment.

The committee also went out in the community at the Upper Clutha Festival of Sport and Recreation - we love seeing all students participating in the activities and always love getting fully involved ourselves. We, as a committee, are lucky enough to be mentored by Mr Crosbie who allows us to have these opportunities to take on such great activities throughout the year, not only for entertainment and enjoyment for the students but creating a unique culture around sport at this school. We also give Jacky Toepfer and Chrissi Pettit great thanks for all their support towards our committee and all they do for us and the sport in this school to allow it to be as great as it is.

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