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Service Committee

Service Committee

Last year's committee consisted of Ollie Williams-Holloway, Wilfred Spearing, Sonya Palmer, Alex Plimmer, Matthew Wilson, Sam Coupland, Annabel Fairbairn, Peta McKay, Samantha Wilkinson, Alyx Nyika, Bella Fraser, Simone Johnson, Max Hall (Absent).

Service is the act of giving back to our school and community, and at MAC we strongly believe in this ethos. This year the Service Committee has had a great time organising events and activities to encourage the celebration of personal success and to promote bonding and friendships between students. To begin the year we held an “Amazing Race” which aimed to incorporate new students, hostellers and existing students into the Year 13 cohort. This enjoyable afternoon has been a tradition at MAC for many years now and is looked forward to by many of the students.

Some of the smaller events throughout the year, fun and exciting nonetheless, include Valentines Day where students and staff can purchase chocolates for each other and then we deliver them. The Polar Plunge is an activity that Year 13 students can sometimes feel a little apprehensive towards, and understandably because who would want to jump in the freezing cold water of Lake Wanaka on the shortest day of the year?! Towards the end of the year, the Year 11 Dinner and the Leaver's Dinner become our priority. These evenings are an enjoyable experience for the students, often creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I feel very privileged to have had this opportunity to work alongside some amazing and hard working people this year and on behalf of the Committee I'd like to thank Karyn Munro for supporting us to be able to achieve all of our endeavours.

Sonya Palmer

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