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Service Committee

Service Committee

This year's committee members are Zelda Boyd (Chair), Billea-Nova Chin-Nyika, Holly Gibson, Grace Green, Rata Horan, Alexa McKay, Georgia Robertson, Milly Robinson, Emma Smith, Zoe Smith, Theo Steele, Hadley Tamati and Abigail Winter.

Last year's committee (pictured) had this to say in the MAC 2019 Magazine.

We believe that service is a big part of the school culture at Mount Aspiring College. To us, service means giving back to our school and community by organIsIng events and activities that encourage students to connect across the school. Our aim has been to bridge the gap between seniors and juniors at our school to create a collaborative and inclusive culture. This year we had a new teacher, Mrs Plunkett, supporting our committee. We have loved having her work with us and she has bought some great ideas to the committee for consideration.

At the beginning of the year, we ran the Amazing Race for the Year 13 cohort to introduce the new students, hostellers and existing students to one another. This always creates fond memories for the Year 13's when they reflect back on the year. We also helped organise the committees to take part in the Relay for Life, a 24 hour event to raise money for the Cancer Society. We thought it was a really special community event to be a part of and we managed to still have fun on no sleep! Other events we hold are mufti days to raise money for national and local charities, help students to embrace the love on Valentines Day and the running of the Year 11 and Leavers' Dinners. These events are important to promotethe relationships between students throughout the school and celebrate the great work that our community is involved in.

We offer a challenge to the students who take a role within the ServiceCommittee next year. Bring with you fresh ideas to support the place of a volunteer within our school and out in our community. Our experiences this year have taught us that one of greatest senses of satisfaction comes from serving the needs of others.

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