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Rutherford Programme

Ernest Rutherford ids New Zealand's most famous scientist.


Mount Aspiring College defines Gifted and Talented students as:

Gifted and talented learners are those with exceptional abilities relative to most other people. These individuals have certain learning characteristics that give them the potential to achieve outstanding performance (Ministry of Education, 2001).

Put another way, gifted children have the ability to “Go beyond the known” Students can be intellectually gifted, creatively gifted, gifted in physical ability, emotionally gifted, spiritually gifted, gifted in leadership, gifted in entrepreneurship and gifted in the arts.

At MAC our aim is to assist students to turn potential into performance in all these areas, rather than a narrow focus purely on achievement based results. We also recognise that giftedness is affected by cultural values, and we welcome Te Ao Maori cultural understandings.