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Uniform is compulsory for students from Years 7 to 11. Uniform is available for purchase from Apparel Studio, 11 Frederick Street (off Ballantyne Road), telephone number 443 1882. The opening hours are 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday and EFTPOS is available.

Three Mount Aspiring College students in uniform

Summer Uniform - to be worn Terms 1 and 4


White uniform polo shirt
Navy culottes
Blue uniform V‑neck pullover
Plain black flat shoes worn with plain white ankle socks or plain black flat sandals worn without socks (see note below)


Grey uniform polo shirt
Grey drill shorts
Blue uniform V-neck pullover
Plain black shoes worn with grey uniform socks with blue and white bands or plain black sandals worn without socks (see note below).

Winter Uniform - to be worn Terms 2 and 3


Napier tartan kilt or navy culottes
White uniform polo shirt (anything worn underneath the shirt must not be visible)
Blue uniform V‑necked pullover
Plain black flat shoes (see note below)
Plain white ankle socks or black tights


Grey drill shorts or navy blue uniform trousers
Grey uniform polo shirt (anything worn underneath the shirt must not be visible)
Blue uniform V‑necked pullover
Plain black shoes (see note below)
Grey uniform socks - blue and white bands


Black uniform hooded shell jacket with gold logo (may be worn with summer or winter uniform - the existing MAC polo fleece may continue to be worn).


In sunny weather a sunhat may be worn outside. A wide-brimmed hat is preferred, but ‘baseball’ style is acceptable. In cold weather a beanie may be worn outside. Hats must not have any offensive or inappropriate logos and must be removed when inside.

PE Uniform

Black and gold PE top – vest or T-shirt (price includes student’s surname on back)
Plain black shorts
Gym shoes - non‑marking soles
In cold weather a warm sweatshirt (no prescribed colour but non-hoodie) may be worn for PE

Sports Uniform

PE uniform or as per the prescribed code
College sports tracksuits are available for loan for college sports events


There is no prescribed style or material for shoes or sandals but they must be flat and plain black – no coloured laces, stripes, logos, etc. Shoes must be worn with the prescribed uniform socks (or tights for girls in winter). Sandals must not be slip-ons (ie. should have an ankle strap) and must be worn without socks.


No make up or jewellery should be worn with uniform other than a single discrete stud or sleeper in one or both ears. No facial jewellery is permitted.

Dress Code for Senior Students

Students in Year 12 and 13 are not required to wear a uniform - however they must wear acceptable clothing which is clean, tidy and practical. Visible facial jewellery is not permitted. Hats should be removed if requested by teachers.

Approved by Board of Trustees, November 2010.