'Atom' Chayanis Malichai

My Experience at MAC

My name is Atom, Chayanis Malichai from Thailand. I came to Mount Aspiring College to study and experience New Zealand culture.

My first day at school was the day after I had arrived in Wanaka. I was very nervous and scared on the first day, concerning about everything, fortunately, people at MAC were friendly and very welcoming which made my first day a lot better than my expectation. What I like about MAC is that I could study subjects that I had never learned before such as Spatial Design, I like it because I wanted to study Architecture in the future and it helped me understand more about designing and architecture, also I worked hard and pushed myself toward achievement.

The other thing I like about MAC was it’s located in Wanaka, a small town surrounded by a gorgeous lake where I can do many activities like swimming and kayaking. In winter we could go up on the mountain and ski which is the highlight of Wanaka. Over the past few months, my English has improved a lot, I was very impressed by people, my host family, and friends.

Living in Wanaka and studying at MAC is the best experience I had ever have in my life.