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Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee

This year's committee is Cece Gardner (joint Chair), Kiera Gray (joint Chair), Ollie Blyth, Annabel Carter, Will Edwards, Luca Georgalli, Jessie McKenzie, Olive Pujol, Lauren Rimmer, Grace Shannon, Siena Shotwell and Jaimee Vink.

Last year's committee (pictured) had this to say in the 2019 MAC magazine.

We are proud to be the Cultural Committee this year. We as a team strive to influence students in a positive way around the cultural aspects of the school, encouraging them to get involved in a range of cultural aspects of the college.

A main focus for us this year has been creating awareness around our Māori culture.

Māori culture is part of who we are as New Zealanders and with that we should all learn about it and be familiar with it, acknowledging where we come from. So with this as a committee we encouraged and supported the students by creating opportunities for seniors to ensure they knew our school haka enough to teach it to junior students in their houses and new students and leading by example. This led on nicely to the House Haka Competition, where everyone knew the school Haka and was able to perform it confidently and proudly.

Tū pakari e koutou mā. Kaua e whakamā, e tū. Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui. Haka! Haka! Haka!

Hapaitia te ara tika pumau ai te rangatiratanga mō ngā uri whakatipu: Foster the pathway of knowledge to strength, independence and growth for future generations.

In addition to this throughout the year we have thoroughly enjoyed doing activities alongside junior students, positively influencing them to be the best they can be.

This year we also had a mufti day to raise funds for the organisation: Refugees as Survivors New Zealand (RASNZ). Established in 1995, this is an incredible organisation and the leading mental health service for people from refugee backgrounds living in New Zealand. For this everyone dressed up in colours of flags of countries that refugees are from, as a committee we dressed up as the Syrian Flag.

We are really happy that we had the opportunity to raise funds and were able to donate them to this incredible organisation and help them with the fantastic job they are doing. All members have done an awesome job this year within the committee and on top of that they have all succeeded immensely and led through their respective fields of cultural endeavors as well. Promoting cultural fields to such a high extent and showing a huge commitment to them, they should all be proud of their successes. This just goes to show a great deal about who they are: strong, dedicated people who will succeed anywhere they go.

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