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Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee

Last year's committee was Dara Beattie-Johnson, Frankie Kraayvanger, Luci McDougall, Leo Munro-Heward, Emilie Barnett, Ruth Bennie, Riley Christie, Casey Scurr, Jessica Curtis, Erina Tamati, Flynn Rosie (Absent).

The Cultural Committee at Mount Aspiring College is the committee responsible for organising and being involved in cultural events at MAC and upholding/representing the culture of the school. We are responsible for organising events such as house singing, MAC’s Got Talent, musical, mufti days and more. As well as organising events such as these, we are also expected to be involved in and promote various other cultural events within and outside of MAC such as Rockquest, MACstock, art exhibitions and drama performances. This representation of culture at MAC is crucial as we believe that the arts are essential to humanity and its existence. Our objective for this year was to continue to promote and support the growth and recognition of cultural activities.

2018 has seen the Cultural Committee’s strong relationship with the International Language Centre (ILC) continue, and has included international student representation at committee meetings, and shared lunches to encourage student integration. The Cultural Committee and the ILC this year both enjoyed the campus tour organised by the Cultural Committee to introduce new students in Term 3 to MAC. This was an important step in bringing them together with the local students, to show the cultural aspects of the school and all of the great things that MAC has to offer. We as a Committee are looking forward to maintaining and strengthening this relationship with the ILC in the years to come.

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