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Academic Committee

Academic Committee

Last year's committee was Jake Nicholson, Joe Strawson, Hannah McNabb, Sam Teal, Phoebe Young, Madi Mulqueen, Claudia Wilkinson, Jesse Robertson, Breagha Rennie (Absent), Thomas Edwards (Absent).

The Academic Committee have enjoyed another incredibly successful year. From hosting the Right Honourable Jacinda Ardern and a variety of other incredible speakers for MACTalks to continuing the MACademics initiative every Wednesday, 2018 has been overflowing with great opportunities for MAC students. Inter-house debating had an awesome level of participation and effort from all year groups and displayed the real talent MAC has in debating.

All of the Academic Committee members have loved not only continuing the previous initiatives but creating new ones this year too and we look forward to maintaining this level of participation and excellence next year!


MACademics is an after-school study group which is held once a week at school for an hour. Each week there is a different subject focus and a teacher there to help with any questions students may have. It is open to all age groups and anyone can come even if they aren’t coming for the specific subject that week. We have older students involved in MACademics to help out the younger years in their work towards NCEA. We have received a large amount of positive feedback from students and parents. We as a committee feel very grateful for the chance to be able to help out the younger students of our school.

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